A renewed and faithful Apulian cuisine

A menu to make a trip around the whole Apulian cuisine, here, in Taverna della Gelosia in Ostuni, you will get in contact with new rituals of taste, a never monotonous tradition that winds between appetizers, first and second courses, desserts and excellent wines.

  • Il crudo mare
  • Small tasting of tartare, carpaccio and shellfish with their dressing (depending on availability, just ask our staff)

  • La tradizione secondo noi
  • Broad bean purée and chicory chips, aubergine parmigiana with tomato purée and scamorza cheese fondue, fresh giuncatina cheese with sun-dried tomato pesto and basil oil

  • Il frittino
  • Tempura cod with cuttlefish ink and stuffed courgette flowers (ricotta, mint and anchovy) in a Panko crust

  • Il casereccio solo salumi
  • Selection of local cured meats (Salumificio Santoro) served with "pucce" 

  • Il casereccio per uno
  • Like the casereccio per due, but smaller 

  • Il Casereccio per due
  • Selection of local cured meats (Salumificio Santoro), matured cheese from the Foggia region, smoked burratina cheese, served with "pucce" buns and organic honey (recommended for two)

  • Apulian
  • Hard wheat frisa, mozzarella burrata from Noci, confit tomatoes from Torre Guaceto, basil and lemon.

  • Podolica tartare
  • Knife-cut tartare of podolica "Varvara" served with marinated yolk mayonnaise, caciocavallo cheese chips, hazelnuts and chives

  • Bombetta XXL
  • Selezione "Varvara" black pig "bombetta" meat rolls, stuffed with local canestrato cheese and Santoro bacon, served with pork popcorn and "aioli" sauce

  • Acquasala Octopus
  • Mediterranean octopus* lacquered with honey and soya, served with marinated cherry tomato extract, cucumber, sweet and sour onion, bread balls and octopus

First courses
  • Tortelloni
  • Spirulina seaweed tortelloni filled with amberjack, served with local fish stock, creamy courgette and mint sauce, cacioricotta cheese

  • Gli spaghettoni
  • Fresh spaghettoni made of Senatore Cappelli flour served with turnip greens* cream, Ionian prawn tartare* and burrata cheese mousse

  • Il risotto
  • Beetroot risotto, podolica blue cheese, lemon gel 

  • Le orecchiette
  • Burnt wheat orecchiette pasta with podolica meat sauce, masseria caciocavallo cheese fondue and basil oil

Main course
  • Lamb
  • Masseria lamb in three variations: leg of lamb terrine with thyme and rosemary, rack of lamb, "gnummarieddi”, served with lamb reduction, apricot compote with thyme and herb potato chips

  • Ribs
  • Selezione "Varvara"  pork ribs from Lucania, baked at low temperature and lacquered with honey, finocchietto and oregano served with compote of candied lemons and "marasciuli*"

  • La tagliata
  • Podolica grazing heifer steak, served with roasted cardoncelli mushrooms, parmesan cream and green sauce 

  • Il baccalà
  • Low temperature-cooked cod fillet* served with creamy peas, bergamot gel and puffed potatoes

Side dishes
  • Mixed Salad
  • Roasted aubergine with Torre Guaceto tomato purée and masseria caciocavallo cheese fondue, 
    Salt cooked potato with herb pecorino cheese,

Children's menu
  • Semolina orecchiette pasta with tomato purée
  • Fried chicken breast cutlet with chips
  • House wine 1lt
  • House Wine 0,5lt
  • House wine 0.25 lt
  • Peroni Gran Riserva 5,2% 0,5 lt
  • Menabrea 4,8% 0,33 lt
  • Coke, Fanta, Lemonsoda, Iced tea
  • Lurisia drinks
  • Aperol Spritz, Negroni, Americano, Berry tonic
  • Gin tonic
  • Rhum
  • To be chosen together from the wine-cellar.

  • Whisky
  • To be chosen together from the wine-cellar

  • coffee
  • Cappuccino/ American Coffee/ Double coffee
  • Water
  • La mousse vegana
  • Dark chocolate mousse, red fruits, red fruits cream, "copeta"

  • La bomba
  • Dark chocolate sphere with white chocolate and yuzu mousse, rosemary scented pressed biscuit, salted caramel and raspberry gel

  • Il biscotto cegliese
  • Creamy coffee mascarpone, amarascata cherry confiture, crunchy almond and citrus biscuit

  • L'agrumeto
  • Panna cotta filled with mandarin marmalade, lemon curd, dried lemon, almond and citrus crumble

  • La Crostatina
  • Shortcrust tart with home-made strawberry and raspberry confiture, chantilly cream, strawberry powder and crispy raspberries

  • Lemon sorbet
Menù Vegano
  • Mashed broad beans and chicory chips
  • Roasted aubergine with torre Guaceto tomato sauce and basil oil
  • Acquasala
  • Salt-cooked potatoes
  • Risotto with beetroot and EVO oil, lemon gel and toasted almonds
  • Fresh spaghettone made of Senatore Cappelli flour with turnip cream* and garlic crumble
  • Soup of the day (ask the staff)
  • Dark chocolate mousse, red fruits, red fruits cream, "copeta"