The Taverna della Gelosia was created in 1995 from a great love story. It was created from an idea of Caterina, a lady coming from the northern part of Italy during the 70’s, that was struck by Apulia’s striking beauty, by its authentic and unpolluted nature, by its hot temperatures and by its white houses that reminded her of Morocco and Greece. Taverna della Gelosia was born among the narrow streets and terraces of Ostuni old town center, where nothing could be seen except stones, old house doors and white dominated the landscape. It was created because that hidden place looked like the perfect spot for a garden, for many dining tables and for many happy customers.

Many years have passed and many things have happened, but the pink pepper tree, wisteria and bougainvillea are still there, shading and refreshing the tables, even during the hottest of days.  

Many things may have happened, but love is still strong in this place.

Dedicated to my mother Caterina, who created the tavern.


Between dishes, colors and the surrounding landscape, here are the most beautiful pictures of Taverna della Gelosia, your special place in Ostuni old town center.